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State of the ART DORSAVI



DorsaVi Assessment to visualize any harmful movement patterns that put an athlete at risk



Based on your assessment, you will undergo biomechanical retraining to remove poor movement mechanics and decrease risk for injury.



Once your mechanics have been corrected, more sport specific training will be initiated to ensure proper mechanics translate to your sport!



Re-assesssmnet with DorsaVi to show progress and see any areas that may need further work.

BulletProof was designed by Dr. Zumwalt to keep athletes IN THE GAME injury free. Every year we see athletes go down with PREVENTABLE injuries that end up ending careers. DON’T LET THIS BE YOU. This program blends technology with functional movements to create injury resistant athletes.

BulletProof starts with an assessment using DorsaVi. DorsaVi consists of a computer system communicating with wearable sensors (attached to the athletes body) that expose potential injury-causing movements (such as excessive knee valgus or uneven peak forces from side to side). This data is then interpreted by Dr. Zumwalt and team to determine an Individualized program to correct movement issues that could lead to injury. THIS IS REVOLUTIONARY!

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