Concussion Rehab

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What is a concussion?

A traumatically induced change in mental status that may or may not involve a loss of consciousness. It’s important to stress the point that you need not be “knocked out” to have a concussion.

Concussion Information

Diagnosed concussions have drastically increased over the past 5 years. Part of this finding is due to increased competitiveness of sports at young ages, however we have also discovered better diagnostic criteria. In the past, concussions went untreated due to a lack of understanding about how to detect them. Now we know that concussions are chemical in nature and, as a result, they do not cause any changes that could be seen on CT or MRI. Concussions can be mild and sometimes asymptomatic, however these injuries are cumulative and need treatment to fully restore the function of the brain. Here at Lighthouse, we provide treatment from day 1 all the way to return to the field!

How we can help you!

We implement a full functional assessment using the SCAT3 and Buffalo Concussion Treadmill Test to determine baseline function. These tests are best to be completed within 24-72 hours of the suspected concussive event! If a concussion has been sustained the Buffalo Concussion Treadmill Test will inform the clinician of the amount of aerobic exercise that is safe for the patient to perform, even in the early stages. Treatment will then begin with a gradual increase in aerobic activity as well as vestibular, ocular and balance retraining. Our treatment will guide the patient from the concussive event back to full contact sports!

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